Thursday, 23 June 2011

into the arms of god

... the very next day your humble editoresse got yet another message from snakey:

"Dear Haselore, because I could not find you anywhere
I could creep to on my own scales I called up Möhre to drive me around

Möhre quickly came by in his orange convertible
and he suggested to get some spiritual guidance,

so we went to the pagoda Vien Giac to look for help there!

We went up to the big jade buddha statue and asked her
but she was not really in the mood to speak to us

We even asked one of my brothers working as security at the pagoda
but we could not understand what he said cause he only spoke vietnamese

I even thought about buying a buddha I could question at home,
but somehow I was getting rather bewildered...

I will try to call you up in the coming days, Yours Snakey

...oh come on snakey - you should now that their are no working phone booths around here!
yours, haselore kohl

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