Thursday, 9 June 2011

dingy bars suck

hopping down east village your humble editoress got to discover some of the remains of ancient new york... least that's what huey, one of the lads from her carpool, had told her!

mars bar is alright as a place where you can watch life pass by remotely and quietly,

and it has some remarkably pieces of the fine arts on display! well as some of the most extraordinary conveniences bun ever got to see.

not to forget a very friendly barkeeperesse! apprenticed at nelle's she soon makes you aware of the hard and unpleasant facts the female half of this planet is subjected to when visiting this place

it has to be mentioned that this place has seen its share of legendary artists

and that it is the one and only place down here that gets you in the fortunate position to meet up with jerry orbach taking a break from production work every so often when all has broken lose on site

well, cash is a rare good down here in nyc

so that mars bar these days is a critically endangered species round here

and when it's gonna be closed there'll be no place where felix can have his pint in style anymore!

so long, yours haselore kohl

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