Sunday, 26 June 2011

tree of life

last week hasmuth sent bun a poem...

"Paranoid, sittin in a deep sweat -
thinkin I gotta f&%$ some bun before the week ends

The sight of blood excites me,
shoot you in the head
sit down,
and watch you bleed to death

I hear the sound of your last breath -
shouldn't have been around,
I went all the way left

You was in the right place with me at the wrong time

I'm a psychopath,
in a minute lose my f&%$in mind

Calm down,
back to reality

Don't fear death,
cause I know that it's promised to me

I get flashes of Jason

Gimme a knife, a million lives I'm wastin -
the shadow of death follows me, I don't give a fuck

Pussy play superman,
your ass'll get boxed up

Put him in a straight jacket, the man's sick -
this is what goes on in the mind of a lunatic"

yours haselore kohl

PS: just wonder where he stole those lines from?!

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