Friday 14 September 2012

kiss the book


recently their were rumours spread  in the german yellow press 
that some mr. christian wulff, himself being the latest 
current husband-in-law of the latest former german 
president, the very honourably mrs. bett ina wulff,
(btw. an office that is said to be called "der bundespräser" in german official terms) 
 most obviously had been working as some kind of a 
headmistresse at some very posh 'escort service'  
(which is the german expression of our british term 'swinger club') 
down the german capital of großburgwedel

this was reported to have happened just during the time 
mr. wulff's granny expected him to study hard for 
his final exams as an assistant petrol station attendant

know what makes this story a genuine pressworthy one 
is the fact that it also was reported that mr. wulff has just ghostwritten 
an ultimately revealing book about the first time he was visited by his 
soon to be wife-in-law exactly down this said classy swingers' club

so your humble editoresse hopped to the german 
capital of großburgwedel and she managed to find that 
special location in question quite soon after her arrival, 
because it was clearly marked by a big 'pump handle'

as for covering up the whole truth the setting of that enormous 
scandal was made to look like a typical german drinking hall 
a.k.a. "einer gutbürgerlicher stuben" in order to disguise 
what was really going on inside that clubby location

but nobun could really get away with an attempt to fool 
your humble editoresse, as all the very naughty evidence 
had still been visible, having been spread out widely all 
over one of this dirty house of burlesque's filthy tables

further accumulation of evidence soon showed that there even 
was a massive load of vibrators and dildos in store for the
 sexcrazed customership of the christian wulff escort agency
 and bun must say it was a bit disturbing for her to see all 
those sextoys gracing the walls in a way that aggressive

even further investigation into press copies of the new book 
"jenseits des protokolls" by mr. christian wulff 
showed that mr. wulff is said to be wearing 
an exclusive tattoo right under his foreskin

this he got onna day when once mrs. wulff and him went down 
barry's tattoo twister on the way from the osnabrück back 
to the capital of großburgwedel and apparently mrs. bettina wulff 
had a torn out page from legendary american outlaw tattoo magazine 
"horny biker slut" 
with her down his 'dulcini & tralala' bag

apparently this tattoo was being financed not by 
"das deutsche steuerzahler" (which bun understands must 
the german equivalent to our english working class mate) 
contrary to what those stupid fritzens still might believe

but it was much rather paid for by a dirty business 
called  "ripping off underagers for there lunch time money" 
that has been going on for some time know through 
a set of one armed bandits perkily named after
the notorious and lawsuit-happy wulff rip-off kin

so here know is a little clip that clearly shows what the 
concept of politics in germany is really like these days...

well, but... who nows, who cares, what bothers..., yours haselore kohl

Monday 3 September 2012

whatcha gonna do about it





yours, haselore

Sunday 2 September 2012

reynard the fox


happy b-day, john!

yours, haselore