Wednesday 26 May 2010

Tuesday 25 May 2010

bei chez access - der gold is from homburg

onna twenty-third of may (watch that cool date, man! yours hk, faithful editoress of LFK) two zero one zero my plan was to meet the goldenen zitronen at der cafe exZess

first i had to pay a visit to a photo booth to get a current portrait of myself as for forging an old monthly pass for the transport system that i had found inna street into a valid one

...because they do have some fast transport system in homburg!

the metro took me up to der leipziger str. where the cafe exZess is located

i was amazed what the skyline looks like down their at nite

... and they even had an info flyer handy that i unfortunately had lots of problems with translating into my language

and i wondered about some murals the direct criticism of which were probably directed towards people like elvis costello...

just some minutes before i could sneak in scott-free the show had already started

and all i got was that lousy seat inna very last of all possible back rows

where bun could not see a thing never mind get the perfect clip made...

and it took me something like an hour hopping up front not getting me paws cut by the crowd to get some cool shots done





after the show was over i undertook the tuff exercise to get up backstage to confront der goldenen zitronen with my all important interview questions...

like on some or rather many an other occasion the goldenen zitronen got the famous three questions asked the answers to which all of my dear readers should be so eagerly expecting to get to now about in full detail!

q 1 "how do you feel know after the show?"

q 2: "out of all the bands you've ever played in wots your favourite song?"

q 3 "what's your favourite flower?"

and apparently the latter one was a real tough question to answer - so that somebun was glad that she did not have to answer these very difficult questions by herself and could keep a low profile except for the few moments she was beating it onna bush...

..and know somebun's off from the internet again because she's gotta cut her clip about der gold is from homburg down cafe exZess and i will have to post this in one of my upcoming threads!

stay tuned as the yanks say, yours, haselore kohl

Saturday 22 May 2010

big city




big city

a dream

but everything in homburg

ain't always

what it seems

you might get fooled

if you come

from outta town

but bun's down by law

she knows

her way around


Thursday 20 May 2010

a lord's prayer down mons sacer


no, bun did not want to go to hell for promoting all that twisted and sick
WWII nazi stuff down her last cool thread up the looking for kohl

so she had to go down st. wendel up mons sacer to play the old ablass game...

that's where people take there beliefs seriously and there is murals with icons on all around...

and where the chapels look like private schools or public baths

bun had to ask the locals for the whereabouts of mons sacer but inna end

she gladly managed to find the place to drop off her sins

... and bun was simply amazed by the grand roots this place has!



and about that amount of money that is being spent on illumination there... it was time for a nap before moving on to see more of the really exciting things.
yours, haselore kohl