Thursday, 20 May 2010

a lord's prayer down mons sacer


no, bun did not want to go to hell for promoting all that twisted and sick
WWII nazi stuff down her last cool thread up the looking for kohl

so she had to go down st. wendel up mons sacer to play the old ablass game...

that's where people take there beliefs seriously and there is murals with icons on all around...

and where the chapels look like private schools or public baths

bun had to ask the locals for the whereabouts of mons sacer but inna end

she gladly managed to find the place to drop off her sins

... and bun was simply amazed by the grand roots this place has!



and about that amount of money that is being spent on illumination there... it was time for a nap before moving on to see more of the really exciting things.
yours, haselore kohl

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