Sunday 1 August 2010

down where the streams shall meet - convince the beast to rock

...onna sunday bun got interested in watching more heavy rock having not seen too much of that recently.

somebun had told her that convince the beast to rock were going to feed the money milking local open air festival organization scene with a free show inna afternoon!

bun had to hop down to that horrible local open air festivity that she had reported from inna last year

onna location where usually only heavy drinkers and dincs meet

down where the rivers leine and ihme kiss the common green preservation society officers generally do a very lousy job as the organizers do not even have to water the the green

it looked like the weather was changing every 2 minutes, but bun got a nice seat there because the ground was getting muddy so there were not that many people and that was good because big amounts of people make you feel like that world famous bun caught inna blender...

and bun got a good view of the band playing

after convince the beast had finished their set bun gladly got to piss off from the scene instantly because the next band turned out to be an especially horrible one much too loud for anybuny's cool earnerves!

well to make the not so long story even shorter: you could've complained to the organizers but there was no pen in sight to voice your opinion with...

yours, haselore kohl

hier krepiert monster party


onna friday i went out on short notice because i got informed by my pal v. that one of his bands hier krepiert in this case were going to play a private event and i was offered to sneak in there even without a proper invitation to the "monster party" they were opening up for

i arrived there in time for there soundcheck

but it did not bother me that much and so i rather went for some food

and luckily i got to relax inna backyard of the location they played...

the band started one hour later than what was first appointed

later on the landlord of the place played some solo stuff and all offa sudden the room filled up with people...

but i could not stand the masses stepping on my paws every here and now and so i left the place after the following song...

see you on one of my cool internets real soon, yours haselore kohl