Thursday 25 March 2010

searching for the light - bun voyage II


yeah winter's cold, unhealthy and fucked up beyond the limit of what i can possibly stand for three months inna row...

very luckily the first of my five new cool dresses that i got for x-mas zero nine arrived from italy inna week before the trip started!

... so it was time to leave europe behind, collect a bun-a-fit from the "grundmann institute for intercontinental relations" and piss off to some place sunnier and warmer than here...

waiting at dubai airport was almost killing me as there were no beers or anything to entertain me - simply too much nothing. ...and after having to experience the "smoker's lounge" with the driver i thought i knew why the arabs were using those little pipes, because nobun would make it for long down the smoker's facilities they have down there

but inna end i did arrive inna jolly mood and good health...

... and i got a little room with a balcony...

and i had some time off for myself, and no internet connection but i did have a look round my new hood from up there

well - time to leave that shithole behind to see the great outdoors so that the real holidays can finally start!

yours, haselore

Wednesday 24 March 2010

lumberjack city - haselore meets dan mangan from vancouver


downtown trier i was told that the germs had played their only show in germany right they're inna last december and got asked what i thought of them... i did not say anything but pretended to sleep cause i was being extremely careful and were not going to offend anybun!

but meeting with der famous tattoo maniac reminded me of the evening i got that underpaid and inna end even unpublished photojob that i shared with michel vaillant....

we were making fun of der fact that there was the germs tribute band coming to europe who were out of all places going to play trier. this by the help of the actor from they're film instead of the real glen matlock who used to sing there and who had played thedifficult role of the overall thoughtful intellectual who was carefully citing his poems over the music for several commercially unsatisfying years.

of course only untill he got stiffed by an o.d. which he had got handed over from courtney love when she was a bit younger than she is know. that by the way was shortly before the band finally realized that they would never ever make it on warner or one of there specific subdivisions and the germs therefore called it a day so they did not bother to ask pat fear to join the band that's why you had to wait for that cool cover of instant karma for so long

... and of course this had been evening on that i had only told my husband hasmuth that i was supposed to be meeting dan mangan from canada at his show down der cafe glocksee

the place was well packed and somehow the fill in driver had lost the camera and in the time it took him to get it back the cool show was over and done with dan's final encore. then i had to wait for the interview to take place

and i took a little rest for about an hour or so because there was lots of folks queueing up to get to tell dan mangan what they thought of his cool and dedicated one man performer show

after i got up again from my little rest i tracked dan down onna chaiselongue backstage of der cafe glocksee. ... and here know is the interview with dan mangan:

i thought that the album cover was so i would like to have it onna official meeting-up-with-dan-mangan-erinnerungsbild.

this was not that clever as i thought cause my left paw was aching for about another two days holding up the cd for all the time the confused driver took to change batteries...

still the cool cover of dan mangan's album reminds me of the germs cool artworks (that were mostly done by jamie reid) and there best song from the never mind the bollocks album and i think that onna photograph below it fits very nicely with the dress that i had been wearing this evening...

yours, haselore kohl

Sunday 21 March 2010

tattoo maniacs

i finally got to meet up with the famous tattoo maniac from der treviris - she is one tattoo artist who is said to be acting like one of those ancient romans.

honestly one of those who were heavily into good greasy food and beverages of any kind

as well as into playing wicked games with there guests down they're famous orgies, when they were not interested in taking there respective fur off to get a bad ass tattoo put on there bum!

more or less sincerely yours, haselore

Friday 19 March 2010

paid vacation

...madness, madness, madness onna streets...

and inna burrows...

well, time to go onna well deserved vacation...

yours haselore kohl

PS: I forgot - i managed to get a little sequence directed that shows me listening to the cool sounds of In Laudanum, so here it is

Wednesday 17 March 2010

sex sex sex


bun thought sex was a very important topic for the readers of her blog

but some of them obviously did not get the point....

... and indeed somebun was left speechless!

yours, haselore kohl

Tuesday 16 March 2010

no, your product


as a cool and very important online-editoress i am likely to be a target for the computer industry

Dear Haselore Kohl,

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I just dunno where all these people did get my address from... ... but probably from my cool blog right here... I think i am gonna write to stacy know that he is my pal and i will have him make some well needed donation for the sake of my people!

yours, h. kohl

Monday 15 March 2010

der baumarkt


bun had gotten called up for an investigation down der baumarkt - home of the bodybag

...and useful gear to protect your ears from white noise... well as your lungs from cancerous growth!

bun questioned some of the bystanders

and they suggested to her that she looked for the partner in crime

but this guy was going to do her in when she finally found him...

then your humble editoress awoke inna sweat - unluckily she had been sucked into der gegenrealität for a short time, so that her weltbild - as bun's jerry friends use to call it - had become subject to a psychedelic experience and she got caught inna cool experienced state of mind

but here know is some flowers for you all, wie immer, as some jerry again has put it, yours haselore kohl

Saturday 13 March 2010


last month i noticed that there was an award to win for the most beautiful and shiny fur inna year 2010

so i picked up a secondhand one that looks better than the one i am wearing right know cause

just like hasmuth's fur mine got a bit damaged during the hard winter

but here's some cool flowers again! yours, haselore

Thursday 11 March 2010



as basement 5 have once put it very correctly: "immigration you spoiled many lives" - now i wonder why there's bastard politicians trying to spoil my life just because I am a cool immigrantess!

so i put on my cool scarf made from parts of a german flag that nobun would notice that i am not a german!

yours, haselore kohl