Friday 29 May 2009

well alright...

... I certainly did get inspired to do the bad brains review after trying out me new ashtray me got as a gift from Felix of Home Of The Lame.
but the picture can only nearly show how i felt when the vibes had set all in...
I hope to meet Felix on that day he comes back to town along with Ryan Stratton when they are supposed to play a free show at the cafe glocksee ana hope to get an interview there

keep on looking for kohl, yours haselore

Wednesday 27 May 2009

new classy dress old classy hardcore

tapewise probably the master of them all is the debut cassette by former fusion rock band the bad brains from washington d.c. which is the capital of the us and a. therefore lightning hits its capitol where still those are ruling that deny fundamental rights to my brothers and sisters in most other parts of the world.
the lyrics deal with what is everyday stuff for me inna zero 9: having a positive outlook on life, recognizing the evil plans by a government fulla fascists, fighting against the big whore babylon trying to bring me down, and finally the only thing that keeps us going inna long run: the love and devotion to my holy emperor, king of kings, his divine majesty, the lion of judah ...and if you still don't know who i am talking about now: ras clot on ya!
anyway back to the tape: it was released inna 1982 and when it came out among others it got a real good review inna german sounds who tried to compare them to the only thng they knew back then, motörhead & exploited. but the bad brains were on a higher quality level - not only was their hardcore fast as lightning and faster than anybody elses' but even better all the songs they did were in a different speed. well at least they sound like.. interrupted only by three tracks of fresh roots reggae. but you can hardly make a classic out of a cassette tape. probably the recording wasn't regarded as good enough for a band who always had ambitions to play in the top league. so they recorded "rock for light" with ric ocasek as the credited producer inna 1983. but onna "rock for light" the sound is very very clean, really too clean... ... ana dis sound terrible onna three reggae tracks on there but still more than halfway o.k. for the rest of the record. but the real good reggae songs they recorded you get onna tape: e. g. you have "leaving babylon", one of my favourite songs. plus I and a ripping version of Big Takeover - much better than on the LP. ....but then you will find "at the movies" onna rock for light, and that's even better than the solo and the last part in rock for light! with I against I my affection for the bad brains slowly faded away. I&I only like the first two songs on this album the rest was all too much the same - except for sacred love which apparently has been vocalized over a phone line from out of a jail. later somebun who called himself I joseph I took over vocals from HR and the bad brains did a funny cover of "hair" when you look at the backcover of the album it's on. HR put out some solo records - first one is great the others I&I do not fancy this much

deeply buried in the past, yours haselore kohl

Tuesday 26 May 2009


switched the URL to get here to finally, so will you please update your bookmarks as i will have the URL directed to the boring mypsace page inna couple of days. inna meantime will you please support my pals inna warprayer; they have a split album (onna LP & CD formats) with morne out now and to buy it will help them get the gas money for their trip to the packebush festival where i hope hope to meet bristolian resp. gloucesterian celebrities king einon and big jim grinder for an interview. i am already almost wetting my pants meeting these two punk legends as especially the king is known to many women inna UK as one of the sexiest men alive!
looking forward ever backwards never, yours, haselore kohl

a novelty...

... to this blog is a photo of hasmuth and I'n'I inna tree inna garden of RT anna Brock-E.

naturally yours, haselore

Saturday 16 May 2009

my trip...

...was shit. i missed all of alex krauses show because we arrived too late there as was the weak driver's fault, who did'nt have a clue about wunstorf.
on the way back then our exhaustion device broke so that we missed the franz wittich show at the bch "punkrockdinner" event as well and only the asozialen superhelden were to be playing still - so i decided to rather stay in the car untill getting picked up and being carried home.
i had quite some time for my self to think about happier days where i could sit nearby a plant at haermy menzer's home

yours, haselore

Monday 11 May 2009

evenings inna hospital

onna last monday bun went to the hospital to visit hannover's premium punk guitar player - poor andi k. member of such famous bands as audio kollaps or franz wittich - right after his horrible bicycle accident. he broke his shoulder and got it fixed there and got brought some punkrock fanzines and some joint effort that had been fixed up during the afternoon.

caring very much for her rockstar friends, yours haselore

Friday 8 May 2009

me ana Hinterlandt

onna beautiful saturday in march of zero 9 I&I went down to da practice bunker to check if my orchestra was right irie and inna mood to serve their humble mistress with some bassheavy stuff - they were indeed so irie that they couldna found their power chords even if they wanted to.

.... when I&I was getting real depressed over these facts there was the sounds of mighty horns to be heard through about 2 steeldoors coming in and i&i recognized dem sounds. but it wasna sound to have the walls of jericho come tumbling down!
rather it sounded like some sweet leaves to cover them like a modern sketches of spain. it sounded neat fresh and tidy. so i went inna that room and found the hinterlandt orchestra. and i got introduced to these three fine lads being jochen, hilmar and felix. jochen is the master of this band and has done hinterlandt as a solo thing since the end of buckethead, a band that i hear has been a very good live band and that had released some cds on epistrophy. cds is good for my player so i will see if i can copy them from anybody. I need to save money for my digicam! i'm a fucking journalist not some rich bunny who got his burn powdered inna zerozero all his life! and still I got to feed this bun with the iron mask who has been getting on my nerves for the last 2 years now...

back to buckethaed they had hilmar on drums who had played in the militant mothers along with karls nagel and the aforementioned ones from one of my last blogs. apparently hilmar got a lot of practice from playing with these bands. felix on the other hand has been doing home of the lame for the better half of his life. jochen himself is some kind of magician on the guitar and me like his 'eavy stylee! they invited me to the show inna silke arp bricht, but I could not come for reasons that should not be mentioned for the better. apparenly they are of the political kind. hinterlandt have just released their new album inna limited edition onna data stick format for your conveniance!

get them while they last, yours haselore

Thursday 7 May 2009

breaking the law, breaking the law

yeah, hasmuth and me as the two righteous conquerors - a fine example of god's chosen army right outta noah's arch, enjoy for what it's worth!

by the way i learned that karl nagel now has a bad brains coverband which is called keine hass da!. he does surprising things on the vocals. he translated all the lyrics but you would not notice it too fast as they are strictly and seriously done inna h.r. style - i never heard anything coming that close at least.

the band sounds really tight and it features olli of "hardcorehause" (as they used to call it back then inna spex) once leading band the militant mothers in which karl sang after abandoning morbid outburst who succeeded hannover punk legends Preussen Gloria who were in fact Alte Kameraden after a name change.
i heard they're former bassplayer harvey is a serious hare krsna devotee now

so taking this into account spiritually yours, haselore

Tuesday 5 May 2009

Blut & Eisen at Verden inna April of Zero 9

needless to say I&I was well tired on the first of may 2009 and as there were no nazis invading innada hannover anyway, i&i have not gone out. could be too many drunken bastards on the outside coulda been stepping on my feet, so I&I rather decided to stay home for a good nap, as usually sleeping the day away....
but me evening on the third of april with blut & eisen was just great - in spite of die strafe playing cause I got there in a car with a lightspeed driver and the owner of fine RE-force label and I&I did not have to see the first two bands because
four bands in a row - that's what I consider an overkill. but one thing I like about ea 80 and their various offspring groups is that they have a certain consequence in being tight but thrashing out mediocre songs with confidence for at least half an hour longer than anybody could possibly stand to listen to. so I went out to the front hall again and had my picture taken with one of the finest moments in german rock music: the first, last and only LP by blumen am arsch der hölle, but I think I have mentioned that elsewhere on this blog and even put a picture on there already.

blut and eisen started off really strong and hard hitting with a song from their first album, can't remember which one it was exactly. I have not heard that LP too often, because I can’t stand “funny” songs like “das Müllerschwein” but sure there is great tracks on it like “die feinen dinge des lebens“ or ”darf ich es wagen, das zu sagen” and "stiletto" (if my memory serves me right they played both of them and the only one of my favourite songs being left out was “DDR” an old tune by the drummer’s former band the cretins (yes the original 1979 Cretins from hannover who made by far the most controversial of all hannover band’s songs e.g. “Samen im Darm” and “Dachau Disco” (the first having recently been reissued as a 12" record on the above mentioned RE-Force label)))

Blut and Eisen played a really long set and at no point the show was a letdown. not much to your humble editoresses' surprise - just in case I have not mentioned this before - Blut & Eisen were one of the most underrated bands in german rock history (... next to the mighty Hypocritical Society ex-members of whom later went on to become Infaust and Cave Canem)

Inna 1982 or so B&E arose from the ashes of – at least I think it was – Aristocats who had Schotte singing and the cretins who had Tier on the drums. I don’t now what bands guitarrist Fiete and bassplayer Krösus had been in before – but very probably it was Le Crash. up to my knowledge the only recorded documents both Aristocats and Le Crash have left can be found on the “Korn Live…. Ab geht er!” compilation on Frostschutz Records.
unfortunately this record has been a collector’s item for the last 25 years so i recommend using soulseek and getting it there (btw I got the Blut and Eisen albums via the soulseek illegal file sharing data transfer device because the
ir records are impossible to find on tape or CD (except for the live album from 1995 but this does not really represent the true live power of the group) - but you won't find me onna soulseek cause i am using a fake name to trade data on there so i can screw the music industry better and more anonymously) – B&E had the best lyrics and the best music. if you listen to the song “Transporter der Uniformer” on the second album “schöne geseh’n” you will hear a nearly perfect song that reminds the humble listener of bands like the descendents. unfortunately during the course of the early eighties you would not get your band big resp. recognized overseas if you had one with the vocals being expressed inna german language.

if my memory s
erves me right, again, I remember that born wuppertal but moved to hannover premium punk karl nagel (by the way probably the greatest B&E fan of them all – read all about it in issue 5, 6 or 7 of his fanzine Hackfleisch, can't remember which one it was exactly) once mentioned in public the that he had once dreamt of translating B&E’s lyrics into english and scoring big success in the american resp. global hardcore scene. so there’s not a lot of foreign (here meaning non-german) music fans into B&E except for maybe Perry Coma the editor of bristolian fanzine and label Destroy who once filed the “schrei doch” album under “exotic german punk”.

and here know is me interview with blut & eisen’s drummer thomas tie
r that I&I have done shortly after the set - so, as my german is even worse than my english, it is not going into detail too much:

Kohl: this is gonna b
e short, just 3 questions and the first one being: how old are you?
Tier: what would yo
u guess?
Kohl: about 45 years of
Tier: you are right!
Kohl: great! o.k. - second question: what is your favourite B&E song?
Tier: „Transporter der Uniformer“... and (pauses for a short time) … probably “Seelenkruemmung” (me originally intented to ask “what is the
favourite song of all the bands that you have played in so far?” but I was too hectic and nervous to remember that overall important half sentence)
Kohl: that’s been two songs already
but nevermind. last question, have you enjoyed the evening and the show?
Tier: Me yes, sure i did, it was great playing here!!

after the interview I&I went on to make fun of
some poor drunken punk rocker (?) making him look foolishly giving him the old V-shit, as hasmuth wasn't there to take my shit; when we left he had locked up himself on the bog and mumbled somehing about "a dierrhear" whatever that is.
very cheap humour fueled by some of those strong german export beers - this makes my world!

keep on looking for kohl, yours haselore