Thursday, 7 May 2009

breaking the law, breaking the law

yeah, hasmuth and me as the two righteous conquerors - a fine example of god's chosen army right outta noah's arch, enjoy for what it's worth!

by the way i learned that karl nagel now has a bad brains coverband which is called keine hass da!. he does surprising things on the vocals. he translated all the lyrics but you would not notice it too fast as they are strictly and seriously done inna h.r. style - i never heard anything coming that close at least.

the band sounds really tight and it features olli of "hardcorehause" (as they used to call it back then inna spex) once leading band the militant mothers in which karl sang after abandoning morbid outburst who succeeded hannover punk legends Preussen Gloria who were in fact Alte Kameraden after a name change.
i heard they're former bassplayer harvey is a serious hare krsna devotee now

so taking this into account spiritually yours, haselore

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