Friday 6 July 2012

all i wanna know - charlie harper in interview


inna january 2012 your humble editoresse succeeded to get 
an interview date fixed with one of the most prominent bluesrockers 
about to hop on the soils of mummy earth these days

because the u.k. subs from london were going
to play the legendary au up frankfurt rödelheim

just like in past times the subs even had alvin on the bass

whilst charlie was mastering the mic stand - 
as he has always done and probably will do

the subs were completed by a youthful drummer and 
an exceptional guitar player from japan who 
did some amazing work on those old tunes

after the show your humble editoresse spotted some other well 
known london punk rocker to whom she was gonna return later on

charlie was in a good and jolly mood and he drew some cartoons on 
pieces of merchandise purchased by the audience before the show

sadly there was not any time left to conduct an interview 
with tv smith as well - so a photo will have to do for this time

inna end your humble editoress got to nick 
some expensive memorabilia off the merch table
 that helped shortening her waiting time for the last tram

uhh, almost forgot to embed the important interview with charlie harper:

well, time for another sip of special brew know, ain't it?

yours, haselore kohl