Saturday 31 October 2009

me vs. the Phonogramm maybe once again

ale krause and phonogramm will play live at broncos bar again on wed, 4th of November supported by maxxx power - one of the best djs for the black music in town - ask hasmuth!... but I am not sure if hasmuth likes me to go down there, cause we have run into some kind trouble again recently
.and now ... .. finally, and here is my cool interview with phonogramm i did onna last friday at their practice room

enjoy, yours haselore

Friday 23 October 2009

aller wegsprengen

today i got up too early and unfortunately I started off my day by using my left paw first and it hurt and now i am getting mad and i will make sure that i am getting back at them!
don't buy me any flowers to calm me down, it won't work and I won't care....
yours haselore

Wednesday 21 October 2009

yeah somebun's gonna rock all over u

in october i went off to the cellar of some run down youth center a couple of times to trace the roots of hardcore and animal liberation and other stuff that i am really into....boy there's even a cool grafito by the band that was succeeded by professor!
from ujz to ajz...finally some sense is made in the purest meaning of the word - and this word to your mother and by the way history's not made by man that great - it's like this un 'ere shows
support your local blockwart, yours very truly, haselore kohl

Monday 19 October 2009

boy that was a real bummer

on the saturday and sunday i almost got to meet up with mighty apo calypso from cologne.

but yes indeedy, I got to meet johnny bottrop of terrorgruppe fame on the friday and I got an interview out of him but more about it in one of my up and coming threads in the future...

word has it that apo led a big session fronting fritz, alex and varela of hier krepiert fame and featuring one of the singers from drug revival. on sunday apo came in to help out on vocals for at a traing session for stumpf karaoke, made up from current members of cave canem, t-34 and drug revival.

see you soon, yours haselore

Saturday 17 October 2009

down lovers lane

I don't know how this really came about - michel (l) and me had some drinks after tea and i wanted to do the shot with michel at first but thought it cooler to talk hasmuth (r) into being pictured with him as well - so it looks better and more consequent on the bedroom wall.
believe it or not not i had to explain to him who the young lady on the picture was...
...and as you can guess he was only into the bang bang parts of her life rather than into the cool and really naughty things. dressed up like reborn cydoh but ain't got no balls
stuff him for that!
for the evening I'll be off watching some hier krepiert and clowni's dj set - well at least for as long as it will take her to have coming up for air - and hopefully other classy some women's lib anthems - but more about that later

have a nice one, yours haselore

btw: the patch is an original by atömgevitter from lower dc glasgow - they are even too tight assed for writing out those vowels these cunny scots, aren't theyyyy.... sid-nayyyy?!?

Thursday 15 October 2009

Out on a Limb but in Time for Pit Noack

I understand it was tuesday, the 29th of september when walter and me took a trip to silke arp bricht after I met Hier Krepiert in their practice room. Hier Krepiert told me before that they had hard songs and hard they were indeed but I do not think that they could play them very well at this point of time given ...when it was time for the show at der Silke that creep walter carried me there but just left me there and had my pal Ratte take care for me from then on - and I think that he seated me very well so i had a good place for watching the performance - thanks Ratte!
will you please now finally book my friends the bow men into your cellar of cheap weed?
I was impressed by the Tape Recorder Operatation Show Pit Noack performed. He has beeen doing that kind of stuff for years now and I was happy that I got him into doing an Interview for "Looking For Kohl" that you can see right here ...
as you can guess my interview after Pit Noack's performance at der Silke Arp Bricht Keller as usually consisted of my 3 questions as there were
1. how old are you / 2. out bof all the projects you ever did what was the one you liked most? / 3. how are you feeling now after the show? and guess what - he answered them all in german and even translated them into german before answering them!I also had my camera catch a good comment from the audience floor in regard of Pit Noack's performance. after the show that one guy from caroliner who played his set but I cannot remember anything. i was really tired and I fell asleep soon after pit's performance ended and woke up just in time for the interview and the pick up by walter
please note that he translated the question fom english to german before he answered them. i think that this is a very original habit and nobun has ever done this for looking for kohl in the whole of my career!
be ready for the core of hardmanship....

yours, haselore

Tuesday 13 October 2009

turn of the seasons

the weather is getting more unfriendly to my cool white dress, no more sitting inna warm sun and smoking some big piece....

grow yourself some fur, yours haselore kohl

Monday 12 October 2009

could have been the best one yet ...

yesterday i had to booze in the park on my own to forget my trouble and lose all of my senses - and believe me: it was freezing cold outside and my paws got all numb as for myself not owning any warm boots
stray golden, yours haselore

Sunday 11 October 2009

Scum II

it got very disgusting in the last week (see one of my past threads for scum) and honestly it is getting even more disgusting again so i had to rip this crap from my neighbour's house's wall. to quote somebun alse: "you gotta be tough when the shit hits the fan"

oh - i forgot: here's today's playlist - just the soundtrack to what i got when I saw this shit - first version is with chavo pederast and second one with kira roessler who gladly never had to think about that scum from munich

see you on somebun else's bog, yours haselore kohl

Friday 9 October 2009

my masochistic opposites

as I am a big fan of ducks in general and family duck from duckburgh speaking of in detail - i tried to read a book from grobian gans about them cause somebun said i should read it were important for haselotte and hasgrit and the other bunswicks - but i did not get anybun to translate it properly so I dunno what it said in actually...
well never mind, have a great weekend and listen to some hüsker dü if you have the chance to do so and you have with this version of wheels - or maybe even better watch black flag on decline of the western civilisation by penelope spheeris or whoever, yours, haselore

Thursday 8 October 2009

the crime of the century

look at this informational letter that Stefan wrote to the Pervie Co. from US&A here inna germany and that's what they said:

Sehr geehrter Herr Walter,

vielen Dank für ihre Nachricht und den eingefügten Link.
Leider ist uns Ihr Problem nicht ersichtlich, bitte werden Sie doch etwas konkreter und teilen Sie uns mit, was wir für Sie tun können.

Wir behalten uns vor die Inhalte der von Ihnen per Link eingefügten Internetseite juristisch zu prüfen und gegebenenfalls rechtliche Schritte einzuleiten.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Xyyy Xyyyyyyyyyyy

Key Account Manager

xxx - xxxxxx -xxxxxx Z

XYZ GmbH, Amtsgericht XYZ, HRB XXXXX;
USt-IDNr.: DE xxxxxxxxx; St.-Nr. xxxx/xxxx/xxxx
Geschäftsführer: X. YYY, Xyyyy Xyyyy

-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.xx
Sent: Wednesday, 07 October 2009 14:44
To: Info
Subject: XXXverse allgemein

Absender: at haselore dot fucking com

Sehr geeherte Damen und Herren,

wie letzte Woche telefonisch besprochen übersende ich Ihnen den Link zu einer Beschreibung des Vorfalls bezogen auf den im Namen u Ihres Hauses verbreiteten Unrat
Bitte veranlassen Sie die entsprechenden Schritte!

Mit freundlichem Gruß, S. Walter

and I honestly begin to wonder when those cunts will finanally clean up there act as well as there rubbish from my the meantime i need to see a doctor because all that rubbish makes me sick... i am off - screw them all, yours haselore