Saturday, 17 October 2009

down lovers lane

I don't know how this really came about - michel (l) and me had some drinks after tea and i wanted to do the shot with michel at first but thought it cooler to talk hasmuth (r) into being pictured with him as well - so it looks better and more consequent on the bedroom wall.
believe it or not not i had to explain to him who the young lady on the picture was...
...and as you can guess he was only into the bang bang parts of her life rather than into the cool and really naughty things. dressed up like reborn cydoh but ain't got no balls
stuff him for that!
for the evening I'll be off watching some hier krepiert and clowni's dj set - well at least for as long as it will take her to have coming up for air - and hopefully other classy some women's lib anthems - but more about that later

have a nice one, yours haselore

btw: the patch is an original by atömgevitter from lower dc glasgow - they are even too tight assed for writing out those vowels these cunny scots, aren't theyyyy.... sid-nayyyy?!?

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