Thursday 15 October 2009

Out on a Limb but in Time for Pit Noack

I understand it was tuesday, the 29th of september when walter and me took a trip to silke arp bricht after I met Hier Krepiert in their practice room. Hier Krepiert told me before that they had hard songs and hard they were indeed but I do not think that they could play them very well at this point of time given ...when it was time for the show at der Silke that creep walter carried me there but just left me there and had my pal Ratte take care for me from then on - and I think that he seated me very well so i had a good place for watching the performance - thanks Ratte!
will you please now finally book my friends the bow men into your cellar of cheap weed?
I was impressed by the Tape Recorder Operatation Show Pit Noack performed. He has beeen doing that kind of stuff for years now and I was happy that I got him into doing an Interview for "Looking For Kohl" that you can see right here ...
as you can guess my interview after Pit Noack's performance at der Silke Arp Bricht Keller as usually consisted of my 3 questions as there were
1. how old are you / 2. out bof all the projects you ever did what was the one you liked most? / 3. how are you feeling now after the show? and guess what - he answered them all in german and even translated them into german before answering them!I also had my camera catch a good comment from the audience floor in regard of Pit Noack's performance. after the show that one guy from caroliner who played his set but I cannot remember anything. i was really tired and I fell asleep soon after pit's performance ended and woke up just in time for the interview and the pick up by walter
please note that he translated the question fom english to german before he answered them. i think that this is a very original habit and nobun has ever done this for looking for kohl in the whole of my career!
be ready for the core of hardmanship....

yours, haselore

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