Thursday, 13 May 2010

down the kopernikus - hier krepiert braindead orangattang

onna twelfth of may inna zero one o i went off to der kopernikus to see the big festival with hier krepiert, braindead and orangattang.

the kopernikus - or "little cottage" as the locals' expression for it in hannover can be roughly translated - is nicely situated between the old continental factory buildings and some railway tracks

some of them no longer in use

... and others still in frequent use...

... so you gotta be really careful if you leave the place to go for some trainspotting...

the audience was still waiting for the bands to finally start with the show

so that bun went back inside the house to check out the bar

which bun thought was pretty good because there was a box wherein their was collected money for her free drinks...

the place's history was basically stuck to the walls...

and i gladly bun found some time to sit down at der tresen and relax for a couple of minutes because bun knew that this evening was going to be exhaustive!

outside people were gathering round the stage cause they were eagerly awaiting the bands to start playing!

some did have a jolly good time while others did not!

the show started with hier krepiert and here's the last song that they played this evening:

after a short break next on were braindead from hamburg and here's a cut right from the middle of there set:

and after yet another short break...

...the last band to play that night were orangattang from hamburg

they did play a rather long set that ended with a cover by a still really popular british group from the seventies

shortly after orangattang's set i got very tired from being on my paws all day

and i left the location to go to bed

but i won't leave you here before i have uploaded a photo of the cool flowers i had spotted in the kopernikus' backyard

see you on any of my cool internets real soon, yours haselore kohl

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