Monday, 6 June 2011

new yorks's alright


...well not only if you like saxophones...

cause your humble editoress went over to nyc to meet a very special band - but more about that later!

after having crossed the ocean with captain bathtub's DIY ferry at first bun was going to watch the champions league finals at the nevada smith pub down manhattan

so she asked a local guide how to get there after she found out that the underground station next to her current whereabouts in brooklyn had been closed for the time being

the guide told her to just take a bus, but...

...the one she was supposed to get had just gone by without noticing her - so she gave the driver the common one-paw-up-in-the-air sod-you-jock gesture and decided to take a walk by paw to get from east williamsburg back to bushwick and try to get a free ride from their





she finally managed to get to the nevada smith in time for the game to kick off and joined the company of a rather handsome chap she could celebrate man u's well deserved defeat along with!

biut know, time to hop off before the internetnet connection dies off again, yours haselore

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