Wednesday, 8 June 2011

take a walk on the wild side


onna warm & sunny day your humble editoress gotta bike-lift to manhattan...

but as y'all know pimpin' ain't that easy and hitchhiking ain't neither!

eventually bun managed to get right into the centre of the five boroughs!
from there she tried to call up the

but the operator said she'd rather come round in persona...

and that she should - rather than taking a

- make a roundtrip with

on board of the ship your humble editoresse and her personal american manageresse headed straight to the nuclear sub

where bun got advised that she should better avoid publishing any politically challenging stuff while staying in former new amsterdam, so she would not have to sleep with the

sooner or later, with a nice concrete block tied to her paws, drowning somewhere underneath

and that bun would better have not published this one picture here especially

so could y'all please hit the "delete" button in your browser after watching this photo, cause otherwise somebun might get into deep trouble with the

c. y'all around sometime soon, yours

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