Wednesday, 12 August 2009


and did you know that only a cool shamanic shield with a design done by the colour cacass helps you to have them keep their distance?
I just wanna be let alone and I wanna live inmidst of some quiet, nice and familiar folk!
that look good just like me!

onto kicking shit music off of your computer in exchange for the really good stuff.
I found a nice live set by dag nasty @ gilman st. - the tag said that infamous liar dave smalley was singing - but thank god it is not him but peter cortner on vocals, so give a double paws up to that special buddy who uploaded that and i promise i will be less against the buddys from now on!

watch your hood or you might wake up next to a freshly cut unicorn's head one morning and get cut your ear pierced by his corn, yours haselore

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