Saturday, 8 August 2009

route 66

over the last week bun was hot onna trail of the rude 66 yet once again!

bun also found out that mrs. moggat is going to play live onna coming saturday at the bei chez heinz inna front room ana just heard that alex krause will support them and he himself is supported by his guitar player who goes by the name of karim lamarti

but back to the rude 66 - himself being a skilled master of modern day wallpainting anam sure that the ones your humble editoress tracked are original works of the great master.

of these fine pictures the first one looked like it were pinned onna housefronts inna past time eons ago from today's complex society

the second work bun found had undergone some little plastic surgery yet

tell you about any new cool clothes soon!

yours, haselore

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