Sunday, 7 June 2009

...meeting the Buttshakers

onna monday in early may i was looking forward to go out to the bei chez heinz to see the buttshakers from france. word had it that they were a much better band than their name might suggest it to you

everything was arranged with the driver for an early pick at 9 o'clock. but the driver turned out to be a real schmuck and so we left ca. 9.40 for the show what in the end turned out to be very late...

anyways those french had a band that was as tight as a bee's ass playing modern soul - a kind of musical style i am no expertress in though - so I might have gotten it wrong but they reminded me of the bar kays a bit and they had a nice and rough approach to the music and as well they had one of those very excentric live shows thanks to the hypnotic stage presence of their singer.

sadly I forgot my recorder as well as my pen so i could not have an interview done with lead singer ciara thompson before she got totally wasted on those small liquors she got offered by parts of the audience

but for sure but I did not forget to waer my cool raum eins null eins badge on that special occasion and even better we have posed for what turned out to be that nice shot you can see right here!
sadly enough there weren't enough people to do justice to a live band that is as brilliant and entertaining as the buttshakers are.

funny enough - the very same evening totally overrated uk schmock-rockers art brut were playing at a different location and all the morons gathered there. art brut are one of those poor examples of how fucked up the music industry is these days. they have exactly one good song and all the rest sounds bull but inna same style. but the only art brut music you actually have to pay for is the shit music because they gave the hit away for free on promo cds. i think this is funny and should encourage people to what is these days referred to as "illegal download" of infotainmant data of any kinds.

well, why theory? I've almost forgot but here's todays's playlist
johnny moped - trouble
f.u. 's - the beast within
goldstar - mongo bar

yours, haselore "two tops" kohl

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