Wednesday, 24 June 2009

trail of rude 66

one day I&I ana hubby walk onna gay streets of linden and there is this mighty and powerful street art onna walls of all those gray hoses - and you can follow the artists trail because even inna "quartier-de-la-cite-du-nord" you can find the masterpieces of dis great street artist that has named her or himself after one the rude 66

I&I like her or his style very much anam really deeply and personally touched by some of the topics the artist works on!

me dunno if rude 66 dreams about his topics when she or he is sleepy and like my auntie did when she was still alive at over 80 and used to paint the flowers and landscape around the village she lived in.

me dunno the current incarnation of the rude 66 ana dunno if she or he's a whitey like slice of toast inna morning or a proper sister or a brother...

... and why should I&I care at all and put some boring genda onna agenda when I got nothing to worry about on this day the almighty gave to me 'cept for cleaning hasmuth's scrap metal mask!
... when me got bootie recordings like dis-ja 'ere onna cassette tape!

johnny Clarke - african queen
fela Kutie - zombie
the b-52's - 6060-842

see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing; yours haselore kohl

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