Tuesday, 12 January 2010

dali's sunflower


yes it's probably true and everybunny is promoting this... but what i am promoting now again is not some dogshit but indeed is one of the best coverversions onna face of this planet. ...and it's by frightwig who sadly never got their act together or even made a good album back then ... and it's not only cool because it is a cover by the unforgettable shonen knife

too bad that i cannot find the coverversion of the latter song that was done by government issue when they were at there peak - so you will have to look it up somewhere on the old shonen knife tribute sampler for yourselves

again, you will notice i got some very cool flowers here - it does not look exactly like dali's sunflower, but... what the heck... here it is anyway

enjoy, yours haselore kohl

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