Monday, 25 January 2010

visions, and...?

once again my pal sly was celebrating one of her cool twenty-fifth birthdays and i got invited too. I thought that I would become something like the cool attraction of the evening in a no time - but strange enough: nobun really took any notice of my cool person nor reflected on my presence - not even the mirror on the wall! ... and all this in spite of my cool self maintaining some of the best personal internets there are out there!!!

then, just for the fritzens down her place i made some of the funny moves that us english usually associate with germany and we just love the fritzens for their cool humour and of course we would let them start WW III - if only they'd let us win the worldcup just once again!

... and obviously the fritzens do love my very funny and witty english humour and finally I was becoming the much adored star of the evening!

... and once the fritzens were pissed outta there heads inmidst of all that weirdness going on i even managed to got a short sequence for my planned documantation called "american hardbun" starring my very self on hard disc!

but, it's getting late know and i gotta go to bed soon - I got my piece on child abuse from new york almost ready now but i won't post that yet because it has yet to be finished..

yours, haselore

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