Wednesday, 15 December 2010



onna tuesday bun got an invitation to hop to the fuckt album release party - once again a cool festivity down der cafe glocksee - part of der former UJZ going by the same name

that was a hard way to take - can tell ya!

...and thanks to some "verkehrsberuhigender maßnahmen"

...bun had to hop even farther than she expected - and she had already expected the worst!

but finally she found the entrance after a left turn, a right turn and yet another left turn... well as some other weird turns...

...but coming back to the fuckt: the band showed themselves inna good and jolly drinking mood and they played some catchy old fashioned punk rock - unluckily the very special sequence that got shot their hasn't got the best audio quality inna world...

but i'll have it posted here through my cool news channel "der kanal von haselore" nevertheless

... cause somebun mentioned it were real punk to do that!

sadly hasmuth at home was ill and bun had to piss off again quite early so she could not join the band for the usual meet-and greet-activities backstage

well, see y'all next time for a longer feature hopefully,
yours haselore

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