Sunday, 29 May 2011

century days

as of lately bun dreamt she made a trip with the odenwald bahn and it was so boring that she fell asleep!

it was exactly like in a nightmare - bun woke up in a strange and hostile place!

where everything seemed to be alien and rotten...

and everybunny seemed differently aesthetically challenged!

Linkapparently they were handing out keys to the city

but the one your humble editoress got would just not open up the box office so that she just could not get a ticket right outta this doomed place!

... and even worse it would not open up the local cornershop for her to steal some groceries to save her from starvation!

Linkin all her misery she was even trying to call up hasmuth to pick her up and get her outta there alive!

but he did not have time so inna end he had to sent a tripod to get the job dun and get bun home!

yours, haselore kohl

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