Sunday, 3 July 2011

kleines stubenmädchen


onna second of june two zero eleven your humble editoresse
had decided to do a feature about
mr. andreas dorau (rhymes with dolgellau)

a collect call to the promoter was being made
- to get a date for an interview set -

...a call that made bun get into the auditorium for free

hopefully not only to documant on just the pervies inna audience...

at first bun thought that mr. dorau really was going to show up

though some east german management company had spelled
your humble editoresse's initials incorrectly yet again
- very probably due to a thick saxonian accent -

so bun first had some tea

then for a while she got to relax inna comfy chair

...and later out of pure boredom she got to finish some of her knitwork

and much later she even had to have a look through
the house's art gallery for the above reason

... untill she noticed that the clock showed that it was 5 am already

and nobun had been ringing your humble editoress yet -
neither to inform her about the whereabouts
of mr. dorau (rhymes with dolgellau)
nor if the scheduled interview had got cancelled

bottom line was that mr. dorau just did not show up,
not even when all the audience was hopping off to the after show party

so bun decided to hop home
- getting quite confused by a poster on the wall

arghh, better should've killed that north-korean cat!

yours, haselore

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