Thursday 3 November 2011

Ascenseur pour l'échafaud

one of those nights your humble editoress had the terrible dream
of being trapped inna place with mostly erlderly people -
- or "sexy senior citizens" as they tend to refer to themselves rather

bands were playing but worst thing of all seemed to be

the return of honkytonk r&b men,
which was not only kind of sad but a fair bit disgusting as well

bun even tried their sleepover for the night but
- like in a usual bad dream bun must add -
boxes where all locked up!

...and soon the horns of jericho could be heard

...and bun expected fire to fall right through the roof within the next minutes!

...any which way it was time to move on up
if bun were not gonna wake up from this rather soon
- and it did not look like that at all!

yours, haselore

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