Monday, 21 May 2012

show of strength

while on saturday your humble editoresse had been hopping into the westend of frankfurt again this time both to investigate the kind of blockupy action that was taking place there

and having her say about one or two things during the time of her absence out on the streets


 there arrived an e-mail from her ardent admirer snakey on bun's desk top:

"dear haselore,
i had been looking for you but i could not meet you anywhere, when suddenly i had been made aware by some marketing device that there was a big party going on in the quartier de commerce 


and as i expected you to report on that famous "kleingeldprinzen" session band

i went sliding into the city centre of frankfurt (west) always looking for that mean building the happening was supposed to take place in front of


but there were so many similar looking houses i had trouble finding the proper one

i came to that big tourist parking lot, but there just weren't any people to ask for direction

and i did not have my glasses on so that i could not read what those walking signs you've apparently had paid to go wandering from here to fro were all about

i could not even find you hanging out with the other journalists - like you are usually doing

so i followed this big convoy that i thought was loaded with cabbages

but that one only led me to the part of the city where the big music-halls are located

and where i thought you might be doing one of your famous interviews

 with the dancers and singers during one of their well deserved cigarrette breaks

but none of them had actually talked to you neither seen you

unfortunalety i was not permitted to have a look inside that one big theatre thanks to my permanent lack of dough and a missing tie - a thing that did lead me to a general reevaluation of my lifestyle,

 but i still wonder where you have been hiding from me? yours truly, snakey"

well snakey, that is a very good question, isn't it?

yours haselore kohl

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