Sunday, 13 June 2010

the wizard of aus


for today's upcoming match of the fritzen-squad against the australian national football team bun got a visit from an exchange student who lives down under in sydney but is here in germany know. your humble editoress bunked her in at michel vaillant's place just for the night of the game- cause her husband hasmuth's a square who dos not like any guests at there place! but michel does love guests and sometimes he does love wearing funny tanga bottoms in summer!

i had to pick kiwi up from the airport and it got really boring there to wait for her because the chairs were not that comfortable at all!

first we went to a typical german specialty shop because my pal kiwi... she does like drinks and picking fights like most of the bruces do!

and now somebun will have to redress to show some support for the fritzen team that these days hardly has any jerrys in its ranks - but rather lots of cool immigrantesses like your humble editoress!

bun nows, watching soccer (as the yanks call it) is just for bleeding idiots - one of which she most certainly is...!
love on the terraces, yours, haselore

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