Saturday, 26 December 2009

dressed to kill

man, that's supposed to be the best christmas i've ever had!
hasmuth maybe a small minded idiot who is listening to crap music only and stealing money from my purse, but this time he must have robbed more than just filling stations because he can't have found that much money in my bag!

for christmas he has actually ordered tailor made designer dresses for me! so i can get dressed properly for all those cool interviews and features that I am going to do soon!

you know when i got to know hasmuth he was still a mod. but he never ever did a good job maintaining his scooter and he did not listen to the small faces and early stones so the other mods would not accept him, especially when some of them started to follow the skinhead cult and hasmuth did not want to shave the fur from his head!

so he turned to hip hop and rap where you just have to do silly hops and talk in funny patterns like "everytime i time i wanna go, get a fucking brew i gonna go down to the store with the two - orientalonepenny countin muthafuckas they make somebunny mad enough to cause a li'l ruckus..." [heeeehhhh!!! that's blatant racism and i feel very much insulted! your smart editoress, hk]

honestly, what's better than listening to the pistols and staring at the first of five cool dresses in total disbelief?!?

... and here now is a brilliant dress that looks like jamie reed finally told viv westwood how to design a proper outfit for the evening and not the usual crap she's been doing for the last 33 years! and it's even got a tiara as a cool bonus! and that's an acessoire that will not actually save the fur on my head from being burnt by the hot sun - but it should look so very cool once iI wear it!

incredible! the second dress looks very much like versace's interpretation of an old blut & eisen or schleimkeim record... i think this is really cool for any interview where i meet any american band. be it from the south or the north of the amricas.
.. but the more i see the more i believe that i should meet a band from chile or perhaps from spain, providing they have any bands at all down these countries - I will have to find out if there are any bands!
I think I will look lkike a cool parody and way more attractive than siouxsie or even arnie's mum in her prime!!!

blimey! the third one is a cool camouflage dress and this should be really useful when i go out into the woods to assisst some hunt sab buddies or should i say bunnies...?
and this cool outfit will help me not to get shot accidently as for looking so very similar to a common hare somebun wants to have for dinner or wearing his fur...
i just wondered from where on my blog the designer picked up the image. i can't remember at all...

this unbeatable dress is supposed to look very cool! and my cool dress that i brought over from the west country was combined with an image of that cool heart i am always wearing when i put my saxon west on...

oh boy! now this is very exciting!!! somebun even took her time to make some bootleg portrait of mine!

man, what's that? that's awesome! how much will that have costed my hubby to order?

and the dress looks just like if somebun like mark perry finally told westwood what a really cool outfit looks like! I wonder what kind of hat i will wear for that. maybe my cool woolen balaclava that top-designer HYL made for me!

once i have this dress in my greedy paws it looks like i should request another interview with the Franz Wittich - one of the best band leaders onna face of this planet!

if hasmuth reads this and just in case he could not read between the lines -
I am bleeding well excited and I just can't wait for the dresses to fucking finally show up here! so i hope he did pay them - otherwise i will go mad!

and once again here's some flowers but the lady in the shop told me their were more and even cooler plants in summer, but it just ain't no frigging summer at the moment!

I just wonder when hasmuth will finally buy me some shoes, but i think it is very unlikely that there are any in my size for an affordable price to be found...
btw, i forgot, better late than never, now here's the jerry jackson christmas special

yours, haselore kohl

PS: inna end hammers beat pompey two nill - now that's a boxing day!!!

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