Monday, 28 December 2009

atrocity exhibition


... inna dim light at der glocksee i had problems recognizing what sky was wearing there...

but it was resembling something i knew I had already well documanted some other night!

due to my cool ability of linking the facts faster than anybunny else in her brain - even right here down babylon - i knew exactly what was going on and I told dumont some lies of how i fancied his new cool tattoo and thus managed to get a ltlle bit closer to him ... maybe a bit too close because he even let me inspect his new beltbuckle closely - but i weren't too impressed with that 'cause that annoying ticking of his mighty watch was so loud that a ringing started in me ears!

well i'm off - I'll listen to some schwarzenbach rather than to more of the depressing stuff cause after all he's got a better voice than hangman when he don't sing the real depressing stuff plus a better guitar sound and as for myself: i gotta get up too early.

so do like i would do and do yourself a favour and stop listening to shit music - whatever that is defined as...
these days, yours haselore

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