Monday, 19 April 2010

chalice inna squatage - meeting the kings of dub rock down silke's last stand


onna saturday the seventeenth i was going out to der sturmglocke to get her portrayed as a very important location for the main cultural happenings as well as to get myself portrayed as a good looking and very cool editoress...

the club was packed with people - all celebrating the untimely demise of der silke arp bricht!

basically it looked like der linken musikantenstadl and they were all so deeply involved into the anti-system activity that i cannot show there faithes here onna Looking For Kohl dot com!

and so I won't - even if most of the local jeunesse doree had found there way to that event

because some of there artistic work is very controversial!

so bun had to minimize chances of external censorship by practicing some internal censorship!

and i even had lots more of those fine conmemnmorative (...or however you will spell this 6%c§ing word) pictures taken

but all those models including my beautiful self made the fatal mistake of staring directly into the cameras

which means that they had to get a very dark rod of correction right over parts of there faithes - even though that i met lots of members of the local intellectual elite playing in bands i cannot name here for safety purposes - but most if not all of them they refused to be taken down for some interview about der poor silke seeing the grass in linden from new zealand know - except for the kings of the dub rock - naturally!

upon arrival i went into the main hall where the show was supposed to happen but the group were not ready to start playing yet - and onna way back to the bar i recognized even more intellectuals

... and I even got to meet what looked like the members of a well known local rock band!

I enjoyed talking to some of the very lovely barmaids who knew they were going out of work soon with der silke arp bricht closing there cellar bar thanks to der ordnungsamt hannover after some 20 years

i got lots of double-paws up for wearing a cool silke abschiedstrauerfloor which is basically a little armband you're wearing after your mom has died or somebun else who's been very important to you like a football goalie or the singer of an access...

i had to take a "lickle" rest inna comfy chair before I could watch silke arp bricht go out inna puff of smoke and I took a little nap but i woke up a little bit too late

right after the group had started performing there set!

due to the concert-room being totally overcrowded i experienced heavy problems taking my reserved seat onna merchtable that i had booked already in the previous week

unfortunately my seat did not offer me a good point of view onna artists' visual offerings

... and the sound that reached my ears was really horrible thanks to a deaf engineer and a bad room acoustics and only in those rare moments i could get a rare peep onna artists ...

but the kings of dub rock themselves were inna good an jolly mood and got to make there point

they even played my favourite song that is a cool story about somebun imaginary - yet, as i might've mentioned before the sound was not too good...

but i could play it cool because over the course of the evening all my expenses were being covered by one of my very supportive drivers

after the kings of dub rock had finished with there set special guest booty carrell did raise some hell playing well known tunes -and gladly the sound got better

still i had to kill some time and so i was having a chat with another lovely tresenkraft who turned out to be a true and very evil devotee to the church of satan!

i had to wait untill the kings of dub rock had finished there task of handing out poster prints to the general public and had the time to answer my important interview questions!

and especially viktor marek looked like he was never gonna finish with his task

so bun sadly had to cut him out from der all important interview! but finally here know is my cool interview with rica blunk and jacques palminger off the kings of dub rock...

after having finished the interview i hung around the place for some more time

and it got pretty late for some reason bun cannot remember too well any more...

but what bun can remember is that lots of the folks around were telling her in all honesty to stuff her requests for some more bleeding interviews about more facts about silke closing up her own butt!

cause from what bun heard the original silke building is going to fold any minute know because the landlord's an evil man who never spends any dosh on maintaining the house and he lets the place rot and go to hell to erect a skateboard ramp or a supermarket chain store or whatever down the premises...

later i happened to meet more cool local artists and some of them asked asked me why i had never published there clipsand reviews on Looking For Kohl dot fucking com

and inna end even my own management got angry with me

and she reminded me of the fact that i had to interview mülheim's very own doom gods bohren & der club of gore onna following sunday

and that i was not gonna travel inna relaxed first class kind of style where all my expenses were going to be covered by some wealthy record company's expenses budget - so there would not be any dosh for buying any food or drink onna dis upcoming bun voyage!

so i called it a day, waved goodbye to der sturmglocke and went outside to catch a cab...

but there weren't any - so i had to walk home on my own two paws! ...and worst of all - nobun had given me a copy of der Silke XX compilation for review...

but as the old german saying goes: "der karavane zieht weiter" which I think is the german equivalent of our famous british proverb "aces high".

so i hope you'll all be doing well untill my next blogpost and I'll see y'all onna internet real soon! yours, haselore kohl

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