Thursday, 1 April 2010

heavy metal thunder - la casa fantom from norway


hello they're and thanks for asking - yes i did have had a great holiday indeed - as well as a screwed up, fxxxed up and loose internet connection that unfortunately has prevented me from posting any more of my cool pictures from sunny south-east asia yet and I've had a rather unpleasant return inna box because the driver sent me home the week before easter.

i was going to see little claw at der sturmglocke. but on my way from the tram station at the university building i passed der stumpf and i heard there was sound coming out of the cellar.

... and i thought they had moved the show from der sturmglocke to der stumpf.

so i went down the stairs and i found la casa fantom playing there ...

...which was really hypnotizing inna way and here know's the end of the set before they came back onna stage and - probably even better - here's - the encore - streamed right from my cool channel "der kanal von haselore" which is up on der internet!

this is ace stuff from norway and not from france as you might by only judging from there name. that was a real cool duo and know enjoy that cool vid!

after la casa famtom had finished there cool set i moved on for der sturmglocke - hoping to catch up in tme for the show by little claw - but sadly i arrived very late. the band had long finished the set and to call my friend der bierprinz on this subject "little claw? lechz!"

...and as usually i got insulted by my friend der bomb - because i never printed her kriedler review - the one she did especially and exclusively for Looking For Kohl and i promised her to print it onna i-net real soon - and real soon for me means "someday soon, dearest der bomb"...

but i met lots of lovely folks as well who were into making some funny pictures starring my beautiful self!

and even mr. cope from tamworth was down der sturmglocke once again - and he seemed very interested in my cool person - once again. i just hope that i can get him nailed for one of my revealing interviews some day!

well hope to catch little claw next time there around europe.... yours, haselore kohl

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