Thursday, 8 April 2010

everyday madness everyday - meeting Geriatric Unit


... nearer came part two of the mega thrashfest with geriatric unit's soundcheck...

i was very tired from moshing the pit up when T-34 played.... but here know is geriatric unit - live - part 0 - this is the first 2 songs ... as you can see by your pretty selves...

mind the shit sound onna first song and that it gets much better with the second song - anyway that was geriatric unit - live - part 1 followed by geriatric unit - live - part 2 and soon after being followed by geriatric unit - live - part 3

important guests inna audience were happy to meet my beautiful self and the band went into geriatric unit - live - part 4 and geriatric unit - live - part 5

and the band fell right into geriatric unit - live - part 6

other important guests inna audience were happy with the show as well and the driver got to get their smiling faces on harddisc - while i was still watching the band closely from my cool place in front of the bass box which almost made me lose all of my senses i still had on board - with geriatric unit - live - part 7

and myself and the the rest of the audience got hammered into an almost psychedelic experience watching geriatric unit - live - part 9

and geriatric unit - live - part 8 - and that was neither a letdown!

and myself and my pals enjoyed geriatric unit - part 10 - which was the second to last of there very set!

and then geriatric unit went into the last song of the regular set that got followed by the common clap your hands to get the band back onna stage so we all could enjoy geriatric unit's cool encore) where they play a new cool song) and here know you can click to watch some aftershow impressions that are just as cool as the photograph you can see just below this rather boring piece of writing...

waiting to meet up with the band i had enough time to carefully prepare the interview that was to follow

and then i had the chance to do one of my infamous interviews for looking for kohl - with gords and kalv from geriatric unit - so know, here its is.... (as usually the questions were - how old are you - out of all the bands you ever played in wot's your favourite song and how do you feel after the show)

and finally i met somebun impersonating the main man behind the concrete sox (who already had gone home from the tour they had joined the geriatric unit on) and i even got to win the real ale contest

shortly after being honored by the man i felt very drunk and had to stumble back home from one of the cooler thrashfests out they're and i hope that i can watch that cool band again someday soon!

waiting patiently for the next north-atlantic noise attack to happen,

yours, haselore kohl

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