Tuesday, 6 April 2010

damage is done - T-34 live

... yeah der cool local hardcore attraction t-34 had invited me to there record release show for there 12" "premium hardcore" onna evening of easter monday, the fifth of april, brought to you by karriere konzerte and happening at der cool location UJZ Kornstrasse!

the individuum at the entrance desk wondered why i would refuse to pay for what he called a "cool DIY hardcore show made by the kids for you and me and not by the fucking industry" - and now i still wonder what DIY actually is or what it could mean to somebun else... does it by any chance mean wanking off with your left paw instead of using you're right paw? i was daring enogh to boldly ask somebun inna audience but she could not really tell me...

no pun intended and jokes aside - here now starts the cool massacre by T-34 from hannover and you may count for and by your precious selves how many parts their actually are in total - anyway it starts with the link to T-34 live at der UJZ Kornstrasse Part 1 from my own important video channel dedicated to the local scene and culcha in general that i've put on the internet via haselore.net!

... followed by T-34 Part 2 - again you can watch that down haselore.net.

T-34 Part 3 comes streaming down from haselore.net once again

- but T-34 Part 4 is good for y'all as well! ...and once again i was among the main attractions of that thrashing evening!

and T-34 part 5 is an attraction as well. and T-34 part 6 is especially interesting because it shows a 23 seconds break - when a string broke or an effect pedal or whatever - can't tell ya what exact has happened there - but i think that this interludium is way cool!

and T34 part 7 shows some smashing live hardcore once again - so does T-34 live at UJZ kornstrasse part 8 and you can watch this one right here! the lyrics to the first song they play ("fehl an platzer") are ultracool and start with "die ganzer wocher, dis ganzer jahr" - just in case you wondered what he sings - and the second title "schwarzer lister" is a bummer just as well!

and as you can watch for your bleeding selves know is T-34 live at UJZ kornstrasse part 9.
... and here comes T-34 live at UJZ kornstrasse part 10. followed by T-34 live at UJZ kornstrasse part 11. naturally this is followed by T-34 live at UJZ kornstrasse part 12. i think part 12 is worth showing it again in full length upon my cool blog here!

until the end sees the evening of the day it's the best local hardcore! so here's T-34 live at UJZ kornstrasse - final part 13. in full length and effect:

shit man, i was getting real tired from moshing it up inna pit...

...and so i needed arest very badly and took a small nap. because geriatric unit were still to hit the stage! and of course i wondered if they could top it!

yeah that was so hard to type and know my paw is aching and i will post my story about how i met up with geriatric unit from nottingham - who were the main band - cause the concrete sox had cancelled the rest of their tour by the time the geriatric unit came to hannover - on one of the other days in my life...

see you inna pit, yours true till death, haselore

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