Friday, 16 April 2010

we are time - watching drunk granny & (the) jelas


onna twelfth of april two zero one zero i went to der raum 101 to check out (the) jelas and drunk granny as well as the bellies who came over to us from bristol, home to my pal king einon!

my good friend mrs. tripwire had invited the bands to come to hannover and a couple of days before she had invited me for tea and she had asked me to do a special feature on this event and so i am doing know!

... right before the show the artists were relaxing in the comfy chairs...

... and more and more people were dropping in by the minute...

... and i even got to documant onna little afro-break before the main show started

then finally drunk granny kicked off this cool sunday night by starting there set!

after a short break it was time for (the) jelas to hit the part of the room that was meant to be the stage

after (the) jellas had finished there set it was time for the bellies to play there short set

everyone was inna creative and jolly mood and so the next band was preparing to hit the stage

... so that i could documant onna short set by hier krepiert queeny

and this was really weird because they came on the stage with 2 drummers more than i had them expected to have

later another session band formed for some krauty rock

the session went on in the course of which my pal tripwire got to cite some of her poems

but then all offa sudden the shit hit definately started to hit the fan because mrs. l. iverwursty was going round with his donation box for the bands and so i left the scene inna hurry!

so there was no time left for an interview i hope to do that next time that there around!

yours, haselore

PS: indeed there is more cool vids by (the) jelas and drunk granny but you would have to look them up on my channel down target!

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